MIMOS SEMICONDUCTOR (M) Sdn. Bhd. (MSSB) is a subsidiary of MIMOS Berhad and was established in 2016 to manage and commercialize Semiconductor Technology Centre (STC) and Industrial Electronics product and services to the industry with the primary focus in Electrical & Electronics (E&E) design, manufacturing and manufacturing services. It is also involved in deployment of smart/intelligent communication infrastructure to support smart communities, smart cities and smart factories.

Aligned to the original intent of STC establishment, MSSB provides R&D shared facilities and services as part of the Malaysian Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) under the Electrical and Electronics National Key Economic Area (E&E NKEA). The facilities and services are to enable Malaysia’s industry in achieving national aspiration of moving up the value chain to higher value added activities of Design and Development hence higher GNI for the country.

As a commercial enabler organization, MSSB offers a flexible engagement model, short turnaround time and integrated value-added services at competitive prices to local industries.

MSSB will remain focus as a catalyst and an enabler in E&E industry growth and will continue to support domestic and foreign E&E investment activities in Malaysia.