Malaysia’s national research agency MIMOS’ semiconductor subsidiary has announced a breakthrough in graphene wafer production.

Wan Azli Wan Ismail, who is general manager of MIMOS Semiconductor (MSSB), said that the breakthrough will boost the local electrical and electronics (E&E) sector by enhancing high value-added electronics applications.

The discovery is expected to help move the local E&E industry up the value chain with high value-added electronics and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, said Wan Azli, who is also MIMOS’ vice president for E&E sector.

“Our graphene wafer was achieved when near defect-free monolayer graphene was successfully synthesised on 8-inch wafer using chemical vapour deposition (CVD) technology,” he said.

“Besides its relatively lower cost, this method produces high-purity graphene films (layers) to ensure high-quality resulting materials,” Wan Azli explained.

What this breakthrough means

Wan Azli said this “enabling technology would be highly advantageous in the production of next-generation semiconductors, photodetectors, energy devices, flexible electronics and wearable nanosensors and devices.”

“This breakthrough makes MSSB the first and only producer of 8-inch graphene wafer in Malaysia,” he said.

What does this mean to local industry? Wan Azli said: “We welcome local E&E players, particularly companies looking to venture into high value-added electronics and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, to leverage on this exciting development. Graphene wafer would make local players more competitive in pursuing new markets.” (See MIMOS engages industry to boost Malaysia’s digital manufacturing capabilities)

MSSB’s role is to develop local capabilities to support Malaysian E&E industry to move up the value chain, he said.

Its Advanced Shared Facilities in Bukit Jalil provides an end-to-end semiconductor resources, research, development services, as well as business consultancy and product commercialisation.  This initiative is part of the Malaysian Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) under the Electrical and Electronics National Key Economic Area (E&E NKEA).

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