Integrated Circuit Design

IC Design Services

System Architecture/SoC

  • MCU, DSP, ASIC, Memory, Peripherals
  • System Specification
  • System Analysis and Modelling
  • System Budgeting

  • Top Level and Module Specification
  • Design Partitioning: Microarchitecture
  • RTL
  • Verification: RTL, Formal, Netlist and System Verification
  • Synthesis, STA and Timing Closure
  • DFT
Analog IC

  • Interface/Driver for Chemical and Physical Sensors
  • 12-bit and 10-bit SAR Analog-to-Digital Converter
  • 16-bit SD Analog-to-Digital Converter
  • Auto Digital Calibration

  • Deep Nanometre APR (Multi-Mode Multi-Corner APR)
  • Floorplanning, Place and Route
  • DRC, LVS, ECO and Timing Closure
  • High Performance Analog IC Layout
  • High Voltage Gate Driver Layout
FPGA and System Prototyping

  • System Design
  • ASIC to FPGA Prototyping
  • ASIC Emulation on Multi-FPGA Platform
  • System Integration
  • Verification and Validation on Hardware
Technology Library

  • CMOS 90nm Logic
  • CMOS 0.18µm Logic and Mixed-Signal
  • CMOS 0.18µm (MVdd, MVth)
  • CMOS 0.35µm Logic and Mixed-Signal
  • CMOS 55nm/65nm, High Voltage 1u and 0.13u logic and mixed signal process