Advanced Devices

The group current scope is on establishing silicon foundry compatible graphene processes for power devices heat management and graphene and 2D nanomaterial based nanosensors for volatile organic compounds (VOC) detection. To realize these and for focused and efficient delivery of devices under collaboration with partners, the group also seeks to establish Open Device Platforms for efficient integration of devices with nanomaterials. Based on previous work on CMOS, power devices and interdigitated electrodes (IDE) for pH, EC, moisture/humidity, gasses and other sensors the group is now establishing sensor platform based on micro and nanoelectrode arrays using conductivity, capacitive and field effect transduction principles. This platform is used to further develop ultrasensitive and low power sensors for  Healthcare/IoT applications. In addition, the group which has direct foundry experience is also establishing new graphene/2D nanomaterials device simulation and modelling for future work in graphene devices and transistors.

  The group also embarks on spraycoating development addressing Industry 4.0 requirement to creating automated and cost effective approach for nanomaterials coating on various substrates. The group also develops its own specific test systems and methodology.


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